The AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders states that the purpose of professional learning is to produce more effective practice for both the individual and the school and thereby improve students’ learning.

The Hartley Institute offers a range of practical professional learning programs designed to help teachers enhance their classroom practice. Courses are offered in a variety of ways, online, onsite at your school, and face to face in a workshop environment away from school.

The major areas of focus include :-

Research tells us that the quality of teaching is the factor that has the greatest impact on academic performance. The Hartley Institute assists teachers to engage in meaningful professional learning through recognised  programs that include mentoring, coaching and action-learning.

In addition to providing professional learning programs for teaching staff, the Hartley Institute offers programs for non-teaching staff. A focus on best practice and current technologies is as critical to the efficient operation of
school services as it is to classroom practice. Compliance, reporting, business analytics and change management are among the topics that are addressed.

Leadership programs in education traditionally target Principals and Deputy Principals, but current theories now recognise the importance of leadership from the middle. Giving directors of teaching and learning and their teams deeper understanding of how to change and build culture can accelerate school improvement.

Wellbeing is one of the most rapidly developing areas of educational research. The relationship between academic success and a student’s social and emotional wellbeing is now well documented. For staff and students alike, the subjective assessment of wellbeing is known to impact the ability to make good decisions and maintain focus on cognitive tasks. Wellbeing is a key element of any professional learning strategy.

School leadership is not limited to those in teaching and learning. Sound leadership in all areas of school operation is needed for organisational change and school improvement. Equally important is the support and professional learning opportunities for aspiring leaders.