‘Empowering Leaders of Learning’ – driving change to impact student learning

The Hartley Institute’s inaugural program for 2016 launched on Thursday February 18th when thirty teachers and school leaders came together to begin a program facilitated by Dr Simon Breakspear.

Following the success of Dr Breakspear’s visit in 2015, the six-month “Empowering Leaders of Learning” program was designed to build change leadership capabilities and accelerate improvements in teaching and learning.

20160219_090745Aimed at senior leaders of learning and their teams, who are about to undertake an improvement program, or who are currently in the process of change and want to reflect on and sharpen their process to create a deeper impact, this program equips leaders with the strategies and tools to drive sustainable change in teaching practices that positively impact student learning.

The core components of the program are :-
• 4 Days of in-person intensive leadership capability development, split into an initial 2 day intensive program with a further 2 days session as an important follow up for greatest impact.
• 2 Online Community of Practice Meet-ups
• Online prior learning including videos and readings, available before and during program.
• Embedded change project work within the school context including the collection of evidence of impact.

Feedback from the participants after days one and two was overwhelmingly positive with many expressing the view that the program would be invaluable to their colleagues, both those with whom they work and those in other schools.

Participants will come together for a second session in May.

Strong support for quality professional learning initiative!

In August 2015 the Hartley Institute hosted 70 School Principals, Deputy Principals and School Leaders for a full-day workshop at Prince Alfred College, facilitated by Dr Simon Breakspear. Simon, an internationally recognised keynote speaker and facilitator, led the group on a deep learning experience “Redesigning Teaching and Learning for Innovation”.

The event was unique in that it brought together educational leaders from all three sectors in South Australia.
The day was an overwhelming success as many who attended expressed strong interest in supporting future events of that kind and in engaging with a professional learning community within South Australia.

Many participants expressed the desire to progress into a much “deeper dive” program with Simon in the near future.”
Dr Breakspear has indicated his desire to form an alliance with The Hartley Institute to bring his programs and those of colleagues with whom he has relationships to South Australia.

The day demonstrated the demand for quality professional learning programs in South Australia and the capacity for significant cross-sector events to attract participants.