The Hartley Institute is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded in late 2015 to engage with teachers and school leaders to provide quality professional learning programs which call on current research and reflective practices to drive improvement in teaching and learning.

The Hartley Institute aims to:

  • foster a community of learners
  • develop teachers who recognise the importance of reflective practice
  • help teachers redesign learning activities to build students’ 21st century skills
  • develop a model of learning that recognises the global nature of the world in which our students live
  • nurture a culture of collaboration
  • foster a community that innovates through the use of emerging research and educational practice
  • encourage teachers to contribute to educational conversations through published articles and action research
  • help teachers link their professional learning to their teaching practice
  • support the work of operational staff in schools through formal professional learning programs aimed specifically at non-teachers
  • support those who strive to be educational leaders

The professional learning programs offered to teachers through the Hartley Institute are referenced to the AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and can therefore be counted towards the mandatory requirements for teacher registration.


The Director of the Hartley Institute

Robert Sieben BSc, MEd(Ed Admin), MACEL

Rob Sieben has held a number of administrative positions in a career spanning over thirty years in education. He has also worked as a consultant in matters of curriculum delivery, school administration and school network infrastructure. He has contributed both nationally and internationally to the understanding of digital learning technologies and his articles on the current research that is shaping paradigm reform have been published by Pearson Education and the Australian Council of Educational Leaders. With Dr Brendan Bentley from the University of Adelaide, he presented at the 2018 International Cognitive Load Theory Conference in Beijing on using Cognitive load theory to enhance learning in a minimally-guided STEM-rich activity. He is a current member of the SA Branch Executive of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders.

Rob can be contacted by email at rsieben@hartley.edu.au